It may be a truth universally acknowledged that if one is a cat, one must be in search of a comfortable nook to twist up in. But because the popular series of “If I fit, I sit” DOG HOUSE memes illustrates, said cozy nook is usually pretty unsightly. Street cats, purebreds and even the occasional leopard will forgo their dignity to prove that what a cat truly wants may be a scruffy cardboard box (or bathroom sink, or old shoe) of her very own.
The same holds for dogs. Dress them up in designer duds and groom them ’til they sparkle, but they’d still provide it all up for a stinky dead possum to appear.

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Thankfully, our pets don’t get to settle on our decor. And their presence in our homes doesn’t need to be negative, aesthetically. Our predilection for treating them like royal members of our own families has led to a boom in accessories, and now there are even adorable furniture options for pets that look and feel a bit like ours. DOGS HOUSE
Does it matter that we’re more likely to seek out our Persian princess within the clothes hamper than in her bespoke cocoon? No — because investing in stylish pet furniture is the maximum amount about humans falling crazy with a beautifully designed item and making it a part of their own living spaces because it is about pets planting their behinds in their new nests.


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Designers and creators who specialize in stylish pet furniture are usually pet owners, too, and use their skills and knowledge to unravel challenges that a lot of pet lovers face. Not only do they create solutions supported deep research into their furry end users, but they also design items that suit a spread of interior styles and decor. Yes, there’s life after the saturated colors and cartoonish shapes of the squeaky hotdog! DOGS HOUSE
Italian brand Chimère Edition is the very antithesis of cheap and tacky. Founder and CEO Frédéric Stools, along with side co-founder and artistic director Marc Ange, create by request pieces that grace sophisticated interiors; the late Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cats, Karl and Choupette, were the proud owners of a gray Chimère litter box. The range also includes a birdcage, fishbowl, dog/cat “sofa” and rabbit/hamster hutch. the things can function as an inventive or decorative touch to an area the maximum amount as a practical pet solution. Solid oak may be a common feature — a design element that keeps the gathering “close to nature”. dog house

“Chimère is going to be a natural fit with people hooked into their pets and willing to treat them as their family,” Frédéric says, adding that the range also will be of interest to style lovers, who’ll buy the birdcage or fishbowl for decorative purposes. DOGS HOUSE

Don’t be daunted by the thought of Lagerfeld kitty-endorsed litterboxes, however; ultimately, Chimère aims to stay its pieces comfortable for pets and works with veterinarians to make sure this. Besides, even privileged pets are often anything but classy. As Frédéric says, “I can’t stop watching the Chimère fishbowl (housing goldfishes John and Jackie) when I’m reception, especially as Leonard (the cat) keeps on a beverage from it!”
David Haythornthwaite, a designer at Furf Pets, stresses that pet owners should care about design because “design solves problems”. “Pets have their own unique needs,” he says. “Quality and style could meet those needs. The way we see the planet is that the requirements of the pet should come first while fitting in with our needs, too. It’s not about finding the most cost-effective material and cutting corners — it’s about creating products that pets will enjoy which will also sit perfectly in your home.”
Industrial designer Jie Yan defines the thought of “high-end products” as well-designed pet furniture for a daily household, often more versatile and customizable than a simple luxury. “People have moved from spending the minimum to unravel an urgent or short-term problem (such as employing a torn rug as a scratchpad) to paying for a cat tree made up of scratch-resistant material and multifunctional modules,” she says.

Jie stresses that the social station of animals has changed, too. They’ve become relations and symbolic extensions of ourselves. We wish to humanize our pets. “We call them our babies and consider ourselves their ‘parents’. this suggests that we glance for better products for our pets, a bit as we might look after our children: ergonomic beds, elevated dining sets, and stimulating toys,” she points out.
Charming samples of our tendency to anthropomorphize our pets are the Raffine Cat Bed and Night Table created by Japanese designer Tateno Mokuzai. Scaled-down versions of real, human-sized furniture, these pieces were commissioned for project travel by Okawa City within the Fukuoka prefecture. Okawa City is home to quite 150 furniture manufacturers and is documented for furniture made up of Kiri, a light, strong sort of Japanese timber. The feline furniture is formed using equivalent techniques and skills as regular furniture.

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Jie’s graduation thesis project, Puzzle, was designed for her Australian Shepherd Gibby in response to the crate-training challenges dog owners face. “Crates are one among the foremost important tools to coach dogs to adapt to their family life, but it is often challenging to seek out one that works and expensive to exchange .” Jie’s final concept posited a modular dog furniture system that mixes plastic and metal, offering people the “option of customizing their own ideal dog crate/house/bed, which may be readjusted counting on future needs”.dogS house casino
For uses focused design to unravel a particular problem: the way to create a non-spill bowl that’s also “aesthetically beautifully refined and functional”, David Haythornthwaite says. “Growing up with pets and livestock all around me, I’d often check out the pet products that were available some time past and think that they appeared to be an afterthought. Watching our dogs approach their bowls and bump them and flip them over on the stunning new timber flooring of my parents’ home, I thought, ‘there must be a far better way.’”
A lack of decent cat furniture kick-started Tuft & Paw in 2016, shortly after founder Jackson Cunningham rescued his beloved cat and muse Sanjay Peppers. “We sleep in a little apartment in an upscale city, so we don’t have tons of space and that we didn’t want an eyesore in our small apartment,” he explains. Space is a crucial consideration for city dwellers, especially for the increasing number of individuals living in high-rise apartments who need to make the foremost of each centimeter. “There’s arguably more room to urge creative with pet furniture than human furniture,” Jackson says, “because animals have interesting behavior we will play with.” Tuft & Paw’s range of recent designs features neutral colors and tactile fabrics, designed to “elevate pet furniture design so that it’s taken seriously, rather than lowering standards simply because it’s for pets”.

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Angela Infantino, founder, and director of Molly Barker agrees. Her struggle to seek out classy dog accessories that suited both her dog, Molly and her style drove her to make her own. Molly Barker’s low-key, bespoke products “represent an aspirational lifestyle”, she says. “All our designs must be beautiful, innovative and functional for both dog house and owner, and of the very best quality.” dogS house casino

MiaCara, founded in 2010 by Sebastian Zweig and his wife Barbara, let picky Labrador Cara’s dislike for her brand-new dog house casino cushion guide them. “MiaCara’s philosophy is vital to us: our products are characterized by a transparent design language and unique style, also as exceptional quality and selection of materials. We aim to inspire people to measure a gorgeous life with their pets without compromising in terms of interior decor.” that various range of products covers every aspect of a dog or cat’s life, from sleep to play to travel and more.
Ilshat Garipov, founding father of Carissa, began her ingenious wall-mounted solutions to save lots of her felines from the attentions of her then four-year-old daughter. “She was a touch too attached to our cats! Cats don’t like obsessive attention. that they had nowhere to cover and that they suffered considerably due to it.” Ilshat’s designs specialize in simplicity, functionality and therefore the incontrovertible fact that “thanks to the applied design mind, these products appear as if a part of the inside decoration and don’t spoil it”.dogS house casino
Goldtatze founder Achim Hochwald’s concern for the health of his Maine Coon Wim resulted during a range of wall-mounted niches, stepladders and “bridges”, giving cats much space to roam and play without leaving the house. “I grew up within the country and once I moved to the town, my cat had no access to the outside,” Achim explains. “He became lethargic and uncomfortable and his behavior changed. insufficient exercise, insufficient space — I had to return up with something!”

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The best design solutions take into consideration an animal’s natural needs and tendencies. So as long as their clientele can’t exactly provide verbal feedback, pet furniture designers face a troublesome challenge.
Tuft & Paw’s product design and materials engineer work very closely with cat behaviorists and vets, Jackson says. “We even have a full-time cat researcher who helps us run experiments with cat owners to work out important design questions, like what sort of materials cats like best.”

“Materials are extremely important when it involves safety … you don’t get to worry about humans licking their furniture!”
— Jackson Cunningham dog house casino

Striking a balance between the “user” (the pet) and therefore the “customer” (the human) is additionally important. The dreaded cat litter box may be an exemplar. Most humans want something small and discreet, while cat behaviorists recommend an outsized litter box with high walls for the cat. Ultimately, Jackson says, we’d like to work out how with clever design to stay each side happy.
MiaCara adheres to the “form follows function” design philosophy altogether things. “We create products first and foremost to satisfy the requirements of the animal, then combine it with an innovative, modern yet down-to-earth design. Our dog house is always the primary to check new products.” dogS house casino
Effective design solutions don’t need to be elaborate, either, as Annabelle and Kristian Jamieson prove with lifestyle product brand Bendo’s nifty combat pet food bowls. Inspired by Australian artist Tom Ripon’s sculpture of a full-size elephant made up of bright fluoro pink painted net, Bendo reinvents many of the mundane wire ware products we use in lifestyle by powder-coating them in bright colors, or modernizing and simplifying their design. “We saw a chance with our border collies’ pet bowls to make a simplified, elevated design that’s easy to wash,” Annabelle says. that they had to carefully consider their target market, Kristian adds. “Certain pets have different needs and requirements to think about when designing products for them. A pet bowl for an Irish wolfhound must perform differently to a pet bowl for a Chihuahua!”


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Given their user, it is sensible that a lot of pet furniture designers care about environmentally friendly materials and sustainable design practices. Molly Barker advocates supporting local manufacturers, for instance, sourcing materials and ingredients for its grooming range from within Australia where possible. They even have local artisans make their products, Angela says. dog house casino
Mog & Bone’s range of pet products are designed with comfort and usability in mind, business director Adele Sinclair says. “All our products are designed to optimize comfort for the pet. We consider how pets wish to sleep, eat, walk, run and travel. we elect to use high-end materials for pet health and sturdiness .”
MiaCara, too, features a strong specialize in sustainability, while Goldtatze only uses material without pollutants. “Never use cheap materials,” Achim Hochwald says. “Cheap sisal, for instance, is usually soaked with oils so that it’s softer and easier to process — but these oils smell bad and may be harmful to cats.”
Waterless Barkley creates unique, long-lasting dog house beds with removable, mechanically cleanable outer linings. “We use plant-based fiber to fill the beds, which, unlike other synthetic fibers, is biodegradable, naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial,” owner Teeka Rahman says. “Pets get dirty and, unlike their owners, don’t care if they dirty their bed. We keep this in mind while designing.”

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“Thanks to the applied design mind, these products appear as if a part of the inside decoration and don’t spoil it”
— Ilshat Garipov
It’s important to recollect that pet furniture isn’t just miniature human furniture, Jackson says. Certain principles require to be kept in mind when designing for pets. “Materials are extremely important when it involves safety … you don’t get to worry about humans licking their furniture!”
What all those cardboard-box-loving cats are trying to inform us is that if we will come up with a container safe enough for them, they’ll pour themselves into it. If said container delights the human involved, such a lot the better! At the top of the day, classy pet furniture might beautify your home, but it’s not the guts of a loving relationship together with your pet. As Ilshat Garipov says when asked about her favorite everyday pet item, “Probably it’s just my hand that scratches my beloved cats. Or the sensation of a warm weight on a blanket!” HD


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Sometimes, an item of pet furniture transcends the mundane and becomes art. Constance Guisset, head of the Constance Guisset Studio of design, interior design, and scenography, created the fascinating Duplex birdcage/aquarium as a case in point. “I worked tons on illusions, in several projects,” Constance says. “The idea of the birdcage/aquarium was to visually reunite two creatures that are usually separated by elements. I wanted to make a surprise in the least times, and dream.”