A step-by-step guide to natural wedding makeup for your wedding day

natural wedding makeup

 natural wedding makeup looks

So you decided to do without the makeup on the big day and make your own. Bravo. But how do you make sure that your make-up for the natural wedding makeup day looks as good in real life as it does in photos? And how do you keep it fresh all night long? Professional make-up artist and bridal beauty expert Karla Duarte guide us through the best products and practices. for natural wedding makeup. 

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The right care is the key. In particular, you want to make sure that your skin is well hydrated before applying makeup. “The night before, I always recommend using a mask to smooth out dry areas and fill the skin,” says Duarte. Wash your face in the morning and take a few minutes to massage


 natural wedding makeup looks

natural wedding makeup looks

Next, it’s high time. Even if you do not normally use a foundation, make an exception for your wedding day. A good base creates a smooth, even surface for the rest of the natural wedding makeup and extends its lifespan, says Duarte.


For a natural finish, Duarte recommends a lighter liquid formula for general coverage. (You can always add concealer and setting powder later.) For application, start in the middle of your face (in the T-zone) and work towards the perimeter (along with your temples, hairline, and jaw). She also uses a fluffy synthetic brush to apply the foundation and a damp sponge to mix everything in. And one last note: don’t forget to apply some foundation over your neck and décolleté and over the tips of your ears (which tend to turn slightly red).


Do you know the tutorials where people draw huge concealer triangles on their faces? Maybe you don’t do that on your wedding day. Just apply it where you need it – what most people find under their hooded eyes, under their nose, and over any mistakes they might make. About the tools: “A small dome brush is easiest to maneuver in these areas, and I always polish the edges with a sponge,” says Duarte.

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“I prefer to use a cream or liquid for contouring as this gives a more subtle finish,” says Duarte. Don’t go more than two shades deeper than your natural skin tone and apply it in a number “3” from your hairline to your cheekbones, ending at your jaw. “I also like to add a little contour on either side of the nose to define it more precisely.” Shuffle, shuffle, and then mix it up a little more.



For a photogenic rinse that won’t be washed out by flash (or fade all night), Duarte applies a Cream-Rouge and a Powder-Rouge in a similar shade. Apply the color directly over the apples of the cheeks and slightly higher on the cheekbones for a lifting effect.


“My favorite markers for chicks are cream formulas. They give your skin a beautiful shine instead of leaving a glittering finish. You can also use your fingertips to lightly dab them on the highlights of your face: the tips of your cheekbones, on the front of your cupid’s head, along with your forehead bones and down the bridge of your nose,” Duarte explains. For added shine, place a second highlighter just above your cheekbones.

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. Some people like a very dramatic look, while others just want a little cat’s hooded eyes. Overall, I think most brides like a soft, smoky look in neutral tones,” says Duarte. This can be achieved in three steps:

– Eye shadow: Wash the entire lid off with champagne or light pink shade. Then apply a soft brown matte shade along the crease to define your hooded eyes and a deeper brown shadow along the lash line. Finish with a shimmer right in the middle of your lid (which captures the light when you flash and in photos).

– Eyeliner: I like covering a dark brown pencil with a black pencil to create contrast, and a bare or shiny bronze on the waterline to make the eyes look bigger.

– Eyelashes: Finally, apply single groups of false lashes to the outer thirds of your hooded eyes to really open them. Then seal everything with waterproof mascara.

natural wedding makeup


“The goal is a feathery, natural forehead,” says Duarte. Brush the brows first to get a better idea of what needs to be filled in. Then draw in individual hair-like strokes with a pencil. Once this is done, apply everything with a clear eyebrow line and if you want more definitions, sketch them with a small concealer to cleanse the edges.

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It’s about balance when it comes to your lips. You want a shade that brightens your face without overwhelming the rest of your make-up (unless you’re deliberately aiming for bold lips). Duarte recommends preparing your lips first with a thick balm or treatment. Leave it on for a few minutes, dab it off, and draw your pout with a flesh-colored pencil. Next comes lipstick and – the final touch – a little gloss in the middle of your lower lip.


For most brides, I would only apply your natural wedding makeup along the T-zone and around the sides of the nose. And if you are really oily, add a touch between your brows, under your eyes, and around your mouth. Whatever you do, leave the edges of your face (also known as the place where you applied highlighters) alone so you can keep that shiny finish,” advises Duarte. Finish with a list of spray mists to fix all your makeup for the night.


And the last step? A light layer of shimmering lotion on your shoulders, arms, cleavage, and collar bones. Just take a few minutes to let everything dry before you slip into your dress.

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